Welcome to Tails to Trails
Tails to Trails Nature Walk
A dog who gets regular exercise, social interaction with other dogs and the opportunity to get out and explore a world of scents, sights and sounds makes for a happier, healthier pet. Loving dog owners understand this but it can be hard to maintain a regular daily exercise routine with busy schedules and limited time. Entrusting someone with care of your dog is a difficult decision…

Welcome to Tails to Trails!

Born out of a genuine love of dogs and the outdoors, Tails to Trails offers the exercise, stimulation and socialization that dogs need, and the helping hand and peace of mind that people want.

While travelling with a responsible, caring and fun-loving dog walker, your dog will get lots of exercise, fresh air and the opportunity to stimulate all of their senses as they walk, run, sniff and play out in nature with their canine friends. Trekking together through new territory, exploring woods and lakeside trails, rocky shores and sandy beaches, your dog will get the multisensory stimulation they need to be happy and healthy.

I provide conscientious care for the dogs entrusted to me, attentive to their security, safety and well-being every step of the way. With Tails to Trails, the emphasis is on individual attention. My walks are primarily off-leash with small groups in and around HRM's great variety of natural settings, from local dog-friendly parks like Point Pleasant and Shubie, to woodland trails and lakeshore hikes in places such as Long Lake and Sandy Lake.

A good hike and social interaction during the day will help maintain your dog's physical and mental health, so you can come home to a happy, satisfied and more stable dog!